CSS is the backbone of layout for HTML

New CSS provides powerful capabilities

  • Transforms
  • Animations and Transitions
  • Sophisticated layout primitives
  • You'll use them all today

Is this ready for prime time?

Yes, maybe and soon

New CSS is your friend

HTML5 goes hand in hand with CSS3

  • Transforms gives fine-grained positioning control
  • box-shadows and filters help create organic views
  • 3D CSS effects provide perspective and create depth
  • Multiple columns enable newspaper style layout
  • Flexbox provides another powerful layout primitive
  • Regions bring magazine style layout capabilities

Today we'll give you a taste

of what modern browsers can do

Most of this is available now

  • We'll start with solid features
  • Followed by almost ready features
  • And finally with some advanced but not quite ready stellar features

Please load the page: http://goo.gl/6rnYU

And we'll start with a great slide deck exercise...

CSS layout is even better now

and the newest features make it amazing


Please try out the latest CSS features and let us know what you like.